Charlie Design



Charlie design was founded in 1987  by Loredana and Branko Bahorić. From that time on, Loredana’s recognizable ‘hand writing’ is an absolute quality of making that has put Charlie design at the top of Croatian fashion scene.She easily transforms sculptural forms into wearable elements and creates unique fashion signature, successfully balancing between atristic design and pret-a-porter. Wearable architectiral avant-garde, which herself dresses, classifies her as a croatian fashion icon. Today, team consists of nine people and a number of associates, but the core of the team are: Loredana Bahorić – designer, Branko Bahorić – brand manager and Tomislav Bahorić who also designs men’s line of clothing – Spirit by T.B. (
Brand itself is characterized by monochromatic minimalism with a small shift to  avantgarde and complete usability. Charlie design flagship stores are located in Zagreb and Šibenik, but clothing can be purchased in stores throughout Croatia and all over the world
Collections are always presented through independent projects.


Charlie design brand is created by Loredana Bahorić and built upon her name.  After high school Loredana graduated from Clothing design at Faculty of Textile Technology in Zagreb. Since then she actively practices fashion. Her fashion philosophy and way of thinking is successfully transferred into Charlie design brand and works on it for 25 years. Recently she celebrated her anniversary by organizing a spectacular fashion show. Loredana, fashion visionary and Croatian fashion icon, embodies her brand and clothing most successfully herself.  She lives and works in Zagreb.

Loredana  is a living fashion icon in Croatia.